Did you just receive a claim that you are not sure what to do with? Or was there just a storm and you have a sudden excess of damage claims that you need to process?

Whether it is a 1st or 3rd party claim we can help. We are experienced insurance claims adjusters with backgrounds in insurance, auto repair, construction, and engineering. Move through our web site to see how we solve claim problems and what we are about. Honesty, Integrity, Accuracy, Experience!.
Due to recent health developments SME will not be taking on any new claims.
If you have a claim already pending with us we will bring it to settlement as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have probably already settled a claim just like the one you want to assign. Check this page to get some insights. We will show you why it is cost effective to use SME!



Areas We Cover

We basically operate within about 80 miles of the Empire State Building but will go further for larger claims. Below is our area of operation for a direct visit by the company principal.


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